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I feel this song is an accurate representation of my current relationship.

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Rain ~ By Denis Iskandarov


Rain ~ By Denis Iskandarov

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I am constantly drowning in this vision in the back of my head

I’ve never felt anything more consuming than the need to make it a reality

It’s nothing complex

The simplicity of it makes me wonder why it’s so important to me

Thinking about it gives me nostalgia

When the definition of nostalgia contradicts myself entirely

I’m in a room

I can feel the warmth of a woman’s love in the room with me

But she isn’t only what comforts me

I see a window

I’m gazing out of it and am instantly introduced to a familiar forest of oak trees

Another thought and I can define several smaller details

Less noticeable but equally important

There’s a stream weaving between each tree in the foreground

The stream flows away from my field of vision

Into the inconceivable areas of my imagination

It’s winter

The ground is covered with a bed of snow

So untouched it could hide any sin of the summer

The nature outside the window is so beautiful

But you see

The painting my mind presses in front of my eyes

Is not what’s truly important

It’s the emotions that the scene instills in me that truly matter

I feel varying sensations from this landscape in my mind

Passion, self-awareness, conservatism, content

But sadly I also succumb to emotions less tranquil.

I feel useless, undeserving, and marginally depressed

These words are far from hollow

I know deep down inside of me

I am longing to make this vision a reality

Wherever I am looking outside this window is truly where I belong

I yearn for the day where this vision will be a part of the present

And the longing for its reality will be long forgotten

But until the day comes

where I can look out at such simple subtleties

I will continue to drown in my own imagination.


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vintage blog 


vintage blog 

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Beautiful Morning With You (2014) // Porn Pros (Real Ex Girlfriends) // Veronica Radke


Beautiful Morning With You (2014) // Porn Pros (Real Ex Girlfriends) // Veronica Radke

I am an artist
One of those few artists who possess no talent
I cannot draw, sing, play, perform or even write for that matter
My thoughts and ideas of creative brilliance are confined in the compact space of my head
I am never given the chance to change the world
And unlike many artists, my death will not bring me untimely glory. My death will be as unremembered as the life I lived. This is what makes an artist like me, truly miserable.